Meditation with Kamila

We want to introduce how simple (not easy but simple) meditation can be and what benefits it can have.

Practised daily it produces astonish results on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the life. It connects us with our own inner powers of vitality, clarity and LOVE. This is an experience of joy.

There are different ways to meditate :

– focus attention – which is where you focus on one specific thing (breathing, particular object)

– open monitoring – you pay attention to all of the things happening arround you – you simply notice everything without reacting

Meditation creates new simpatic connections in your brain, starts to rewrite your programm, reduces stress, strengthens your immune system, during meditation metabolic rates decrease and circulation and detoxification of the blood increases.

Helps focus your attention on your DEEPER SELF, LOVE, JOY.

We practise Meditations with Solfeggio frequences, binaural beats.

Kamila Martinsen & GREG BRADEN, Masterclass : „ Healing your Spirit", Cancun, Mexico